Company overview

A member of JP JACOBS INTERNATIONAL LTD, which is delivering quality construction engineering to the customers, that includes the capacity of design and all type of engineering works, Former expertise prove that JP JACOBS INTERNATIONAL LTD is keeping high proficient to the building industry and engineering works.

JP Jacobs international Research Foundation. License under section 8 (1) incorporation Government of India, License Number – 123136. Corporate Identity Number is U80302KL2021NPL067052.

JP Jacobs international Research Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO, strictly working to promote the research, science arts, commerce, education, charity, protection of environment, sports & social welfare.

JP Jacobs international Research Foundation is providing engineering education to the students to build best engineers in the world and promoting the engineering research, in the form of Events like International / National Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposium, and other Activities.

Our mission

As a Research Foundation, we aimed to create best engineer to the world for the coming days. is apart of engineering Education, a research society, strives to advance knowledge about engineering education.

The mission of JP Jacobs International Research Foundation Institute is served by generating value for core investment management professionals and engaging with the core investment management industry to advance ethics, market integrity, and professional standards of practice, which collectively contributes value to society.

Core investment management professionals are those individuals primarily involved in activities related to the investment decision-making process—generally portfolio managers, financial advisors, and research analysts on both the buy and sell side.

Our vision

Our vision to develop a new engineering world to the international market, we works for the integration of intellectual ideas across the globe to fulfill the thirst of innovation of humanity.

JP Jacobs international Research Foundation Providing independent, high-quality research that helps investment management professionals effectively fulfill their duties with prudence, loyalty, and care.

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