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Fire Protection and Alarm Designing and Drafting

This course aims to provide, in a structured manner, an organized and comprehensive framework for fire safety and building fire protection design. The course particularly aims to help those who have recently been given responsibility in fire safety and those who seek structured and comprehensive guidance on the fundamentals of fire safety design methods and approved practices



Chapter 1: Basics of FP & FA
  • What is Fire Protection?
  • What is fire triangle?
  • Fire Associations, codes and standards
  • Why Fire Protection System is needed?
  • What is Fire Alarm System?
  • Why is Fire Alarm needed?
  • Fire Associations, codes and standards
  • Fundamentals of Fire System
Chapter 2: Building Classification
  • Classification of Buildings for fire protection.
  • General Requirements for fire safety in the buildings
Chapter 3: Fire Protection System
  • Fundamentals of Fire Protection system
  • Classification Fire Fighting system
Chapter 4: Sprinkler System
  • Sprinkler System – Dry & Wet Riser Systems
  • Types of Sprinklers
  • Pipe Sizing in sprinkler system
  • Sump Capacity Calculation
  • Over Head Tank Capacity Calculation
Chapter 5: Piping fixtures and valves.


  • Fittings: Elbow
  • Tee
  • Reducer
  • Cross
  • Coupling
  • Union
  • End Cap
  • Y-Bend
  • Return Bend
  • Puddle Flange


  • Valves (Gate, Globe, Angle)
  • Strainer
  • Flexible Connections
  • Pressure Gauge
  • N R V (Non-Return Valve)
Chapter 6: Piping Materials
  • Various Piping Materials
  • Properties of Piping Materials
  • Metallic Pipes
  • Non-Metallic Pipes
Chapter 7: Pump Capacity Calculations
  • Introduction to Pumps
  • Types of Pumps
  • Pump Selection criteria
  • Pump Head loss Calculation
  • Pump Capacity calculation
  • Booster pump Capacity calculation
Chapter 8: Fire Alarm System
  • Classification of Fire Alarm System
  • Types of sensors
  • Fire Panel Selection
Chapter 9: Public Address System
  • Classification of PA System
  • Selection of PA system
Chapter 10: Fire Suppression System
  • FM200 Gas Suppression system
  • Stairwell pressurization system
Chapter 11: Schematic Drawings preparation
  • Studying Layout
  • Symbols and Legends
  • Drawing SLD
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Preparation of shop drawings

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