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Electrical Designing and Drafting

Electrical Circuit designers work in a variety of engineering industries including aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, defence, electronics, consumer goods, marine, materials & metals, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, power generation, rail, telecom, and utilities. In this course, there are complete 10 chapters and 4 Modules of the course.



Chapter 1: Introduction to Electrical
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Types of Electricity
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Electrical Terms and terminology
  • Categorization of Loads
Chapter 2: Electrical Equipment’s
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Capacitors
  • Bus bars, Bus ducts
  • Control Devices
  • Measuring Devices
  • Isolators
  • UPS
Chapter 3: Categorization of Electrical Loads
  • Lighting Load
  • Equipment Load
  • Utility Load
  • HVAC Loads
  • Fire Fighting Loads
  • Lifts and Elevators Loads
  • Electrical High voltage loads
Chapter 4: Electrical Loads and Calculation
  • Lighting load calculation based on LUX level
  • Power Load calculations
  • Circuit Connections
  • Circuit breakers calculation
  • Types of Circuit Breakers -MCB, MCCB, ACB, VCB & RCCB
  • Short Circuit current calculations
  • Capacitor bank calculations and sizing
  • Voltage Drop calculation
  • Transformer capacity calculations and sizing
Chapter 5: Earthing
  • Earthing area calculations
  • Earthing conductor sizing
Chapter 6: Diesel Generator
  • Calculation of DG Set
Chapter 7: UPS
  • UPS Calculation
Chapter 8: Power Sockets
  • Types of Power Sockets
  • Wiring Diagram of control switch board
Chapter 9: Wires and Cables
  • Classification of wire
  • Sizing of wire
  • Classification of cables
  • Selection of cables
  • Sizing of cables
  • Resistance and impedance for cables
Chapter 10: Cable Routing
  • Cable conduits
  • Cable Trays
  • Representation of Design drawing
  • Preparation of Single line Schematic & isometric Drawing of Wiring, lights, other required sections.

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