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JPJI-RF provides the membership for, engineers, engineering graduates based on the knowledge and experience. JPJI-RF shall have the following classes of Membership.

• Institutional Membership for Engineering Institutions

Engineering Institutional Members may be of the following classes:

1. Annual: Those who pay their membership subscription, as decided by the Committee, on annual basis.
2. Patrons: Those who pay the one-time patron membership subscription as decided by the Committee.

• Individual Membership for Engineering Graduates

Those who are engineering graduates and working in the engineering industry can apply for Individual Membership, will be of the following classes:

a) Individual Annual Membership:
b) Life Membership:
c) Professional Individual Members of JPJI-RF

Affiliate Membership

There are no entry qualification rules at this grade and you will get instant access to the full list of member benefits.

Graduate Membership

For those who have completed an Engineering degree and are planning to work towards the Associate or Member grade.

Student Membership

Those who are studying full-time can get the access of this membership.

Benefits for Members

Those who are enrolled as JPJIRF member they will get the technical webinar free of cost and the attendance certificate will be provided.

Free job-hunting guidelines will be provided.

If you are interested kindly contact below:

Mob / WhatsApp : 00974 31523999

Email :

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Lucian Salomia MSc, FJPJIRF

Membership No: JPJIRF-US-MEM-1001

George Kavadias MSc, FJPJIRF

Membership No: JPJIRF-US-MEM-1002

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