HVAC Design Training

JPJIRF offers the most comprehensive HVAC training program. The program will prove helpful to qualified mechanical engineers who seek to supplement their knowledge in HVAC designing.

Course Topics

• Heat Load Calculation (Manual, E20 & HAP Software)
• Ventilation Criteria (Car Park & Kitchen etc.)
• Classification and selection of air handlers
• Duct system design (Manual & Software Duct Sizer)
• Different Types of Ducting
• ESP Calculation
• Chilled water piping design
• Chiller Plant Working
• Analysis of Chiller Problems
• District Cooling System Design
• Sizing of Stairwell Pressurization Fan
• Types of building Systems
• VAV & VRV Chiller and their important in Selection Procedure
• Criterions for Equipment selection (Review with ACTUAL EXAMPLES)
• Pump
• Air handling unit
• Fan coil unit
• Chiller
• Fan
• Car Park Ventilation
• Cooling Tower
• Control valve (2 port & 3 Port) and balancing valve selection etc….
• Practical Project with Govt. Standards
• Using ASHRAE Standards

HVAC designing

Advantage of the JPJIRF

All our instructor’s postdoctoral researcher in engineering and internationally qualified to teach the students.